w e  k e e p  i t  u p ,  N o t  d o w n !

 Emma Rae Vlog

 I t ‘ s  a  F u n n y  a n d  w e i r d  v i d e o-l o g t h a t  m a k e s  p e o p l e  l a u g h .  


Emma Rae Noland is the one who started Emma Rae Vlog. She started it because she loves to edit and be creative . Then she did it more and more. Then she fell in love with it. Here she is now, Doing it all the time. She does vlogs for fun, they are  all different. That is what makes it fun! She is still on here way to profession. But she is still doing great. We are all proud of her for starting her vlog. She is great at it.

Staying up!

It is okay to be sad sometimes. But not all the time. Be up, Not down.



taking your time

When Emma is videoing she takes her time. What I am saying is don’t rush. Take your time on being you and enjoy life.

Don't Overthink Things

try not to dwell on things that will make you upset. Try reading, drawing , something creative, or go to your happy place.

My latest work

Just some funny videos to watch