LEVOLOR blinds and Shades is one of the largest manufactures’ of window treatments in North America.

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The Relationship

.LEVOLOR came to us back at the beginning of the pandemic with idea to reimagine their corporate site. LEVOLOR had a huge reach in North America selling their trim and go products in big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot, but they were ready to branch out and sale their custom window treatment on their own site. This began a partnership where we sought out to create a ecommerce site for them as well as tell their story and create content for users that helps them understand window treatment and eliminate the frustrations of choosing, measuring and installing their new blinds or shades.

LEVOLOR had a working website but needed a update to match their premium brand. We decided to break their site into 5 different sprints. We started with brand and a functional design system. We created a fluid type system, variable components and modular components that could be used across multiple page types. Once we had the design system approved and all our grids and breakpoints established, we moved on to our second sprint which featured a robust support section. Inside the support pages we incorporated predictive search functionality for users to find anything and everything associated with their LEVOLOR products. We created a custom video player for users to watch installation and measurement instructions. We created details pages for each product that featured install guides, FAQs and color combinations for architects and home and building designers. One of LEVOLOR major barriers with their customers was support and this new part of the site helped both users of LEVOLOR.com and their customer support team that constantly fielded calls.

Moving into the second sprint we started on LEVOLORS product listing pages and their product details pages. We wanted the site to be modern, easy to use, search and of course beautiful. LEVOLOR’s main KPIs were pushing users to their configurator software to customize their window treatments and to allow users to order free swatches. Our main focus was the later so we built out two different components that allow users to see the swatches change on the product and add them to their cart quickly and easily. With the help of data we knew that LEVOLOR’s customers were 5 time more likely to buy once they ordered swatches. In addition to the interactive swatch tools we featured customer reviews with Bazar voice and and interactive room where users could view all the different colors and textures of that specific product.

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