Reviving a dormant builder program to create a community of loyal customers.

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The Relationship

After years of their builder program sitting dormant, Rockwool enlisted us to help rebrand the program as the R-Class and create a loyal customer base.
In order to create a loyal community, Wray Ward used a phased approach to create destination for the builders that provided the most valuable content, curated for them.

 Phase 1 – We began by creating a homepage that was used to introduce the program and drive sign-ups. We also created a gated portion that provided valuable resources and product information.

 Phase 2  – We then created a video library in the gated section that curated their most popular video resources and exclusive webinars.

 Phase 3 – Next, we created a content hub in the gated portion of the website. This hub provided valuable ongoing content, including product demonstrations and thought leadership articles.

With the support of Paid Media (Display and Paid Social) the website was able to drive over 700 sign ups in the first six months of 2022. Nearly 30% of the signups came from Direct which could be an indication of users who completed the sign up on additional visits to the site after initially seeing a paid media ad.

After signing up for R-Class, users returned and visited the member section. From January to July, there were 954 goal completions with a conversion rate of only 1.15% but from August through December there were 784 goal completions with a conversion rate of 6.39%.

The introduction of the Video and Content Hub in the fourth quarter of 2022, helped significantly improve secondary website metrics as users remained on the website longer and engaged with more pages.

    • Avg Session Duration: 3:08 (+166.6% over prior period)
    • Pages / Session: 2.46 (+13.5%)
    • Bounce Rate: 49.31% (-9.5%)

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