Sealed Air 

Protective packaging + Food  Packaging + Sustainability

Sealed Air Corporation

A reimagined Sealed Air. com that communicates the brand and reach of a forward thinking innovative packaging company.

Website Design
UX // UI Design
Usability Testing
Art Direction
Content Strategy




The Relationship

Sealed Air corporation came to us to help re-imaigne their website and build a design system that would sustain the scale of their global website. Sealed Air is a global company and operates in 9 different countries and needed a website that was not only a great user experience but have the ability to support 15 different languages.

We created a mobile first modular design system that Sealed Air’s content team could use to build out their new webiste in the Adobe Experience manager platform. We partnered with a large development firm Blue Acorn and Sealed Air’s IT leadership to create 17 distinct page types and 35 different moduals that can be mixed and matched by content authors to create any page design imaginable.

During our 5 sprint design phase each page type and modual was wireframed, tested and then tested again using the platform to ensure our design and visual branding was validated.

Client Testomional 

“The design system is a thing of beauty. You all have expressed our brand in a way that makes us feel not just excited about our new site, but immensely proud”.

What I do

Collaborate and
emphazie team work

UX UI design // branding // strategy

Never miss a deadline. Be a perfectionist, yet pragmatic

Leadership // Management // Production

Always have a vision and follow through.

Leadership // Strategy // management

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